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Outer wall rock wool


Today, with the rapid development of human civilization, the natural environment has also been greatly damaged. Environmental problems have become a severe course that all mankind must face together. Energy saving and emission reduction and vigorously promoting low-carbon green buildings have become the focus of attention of the whole society and even the world. Building energy consumption accounts for more than 30% of the total human energy consumption, so it is urgent to develop new building materials with energy saving, emission reduction and low carbon economy. In recent years, the fire caused by improper selection of exterior wall insulation materials is shocking, which has caused great losses to people's lives and property safety. Rock wool products have become the main energy-saving and thermal insulation material in the "fifth conventional energy" internationally recognized by virtue of its excellent fire protection and thermal insulation characteristics. Every ton of rock wool products used in buildings for thermal insulation can save at least one ton of energy a year. Rock wool products are very good to echo the call of low carbon, energy saving and emission reduction advocated by the state. As an ideal building thermal insulation material, rock wool is also facing unprecedented development opportunities and challenges.

Basalt is the main raw material of exterior wall insulation board. After melting it at high temperature, an inorganic fibre material is made from high-speed centrifugal equipment. At the same time, a certain proportion of binder is added evenly to dust-proof oil, silicone oil and so on. Then, according to the different needs of different users, various specifications of rock wool board, rock wool tube shell and other different rock wool products can be customized.

Technical characteristics of rock wool board for exterior wall:

1. The heat preservation performance, mechanical performance and fire protection performance are all good.

2. The acidity coefficient is very high. It has better chemical stability and durability of fibers.

3. It has good sound absorption characteristics.

Widely used in petrochemical industry, metallurgy, textile and other industrial boilers and equipment pipeline insulation. It is also widely used in partition wall, ceiling, interior and exterior wall insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction in the construction industry.


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